Collaboration in the Classroom: Whiteboard Tables

Collaboration in the Classroom: Whiteboard Tables


Our team believes strongly in promoting collaborative learning in the classroom. Our lessons and activities are designed to foster student interactions and discourse across all content areas. Simply put, students learn from each other when they work collaboratively and are motivated and engaged in these learning conversations. Last year, our team of teachers read a book about promoting thinking in the math classroom, which further supported our commitment to shared learning for students.

A vital element of the thinking classroom is using whiteboards for student learning. We purchased several vertical whiteboards that allow and encourage students to work together standing up in different areas of the room. This helps students to learn not only from the group they are currently working with but from all students in the classroom. The whiteboards promote risk-taking and problem-solving, as students find their thoughts easier to erase and try again. We want to add whiteboard tables that allow students to use manipulatives on a flat surface and write the necessary information in the same area (circling groups of Venn Diagrams to compare/contrast, etc.).

All group students can work simultaneously, compare their solutions, and share their thinking.

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