Citizen Science at PCPS

Citizen Science at PCPS


Citizen Science involves ordinary people in the process of scientific research and discovery.

At PCPS, the importance of citizen science is emphasized beginning in the first grade with county-wide projects. First graders grow radishes in the fall and early winter, comparing their observations and data with other classes in their school and courses in the other elementary schools in the country. In early spring, these first graders participated in a second citizen science project by learning about how Thomas Jefferson had a "First Peas to the Table" competition with his neighbors. The first graders research these types of peas and decide which type they will plant to have the "first peas to the table." They also design and build trellises for their peas.

Through Citizen science, students will learn how to be scientists and how scientists share their observations and discoveries.

PCPS Stem: Barbara Adcock and Lisa Brown